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Short Term 12 (2013) review

Posted : 4 years, 5 months ago on 12 February 2014 08:28 (A review of Short Term 12 (2013))

This is seriously the best among all the Indie movies I've watched so far. Simply amazing! The individual journey of characters, the plot, musical score, actors' chemistry! The material is so well written- extremely emotional without having to actually overdo things!

Brilliant!simply brilliant! And to think, this is the first feature length film of the director who also is the one who wrote the story. This is one of the very few films that actually deserves standing ovation!

Seeing closely to the storyline, it is not just about troubled kids and the wounded healer - It is a piece that genuinely depicts what fostering is all about and the amount of emotional labor it requires to actually be able to let everything in. It surmounts the typical wounded healer's role. It is actually something legit.

Coming from a perspective of a helping profession, this is so far the closest I can relate to. This is even better than Precious (which is one of my favourite of somehow related plot. But the way it was told, very cinematic, very moving. Everything just falls perfectly on its places. The silence is just perfectly timed, while the music is tuned so well.

What can I say, it's a shot where I can feel like I am also in.It's that surreal feeling that is realistic enough to be well-remembered and praised. Bravo Destin Cretton! Bravo! This makes me wanted to write more. ^_^

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Nobody Knows review

Posted : 5 years, 8 months ago on 6 November 2012 02:51 (A review of Nobody Knows)

The movie is a grounded drama. Very cleverly made. Technical-wise, I say it's brilliant! Cinematography is visually engaging, Music matches the mood although there some dry and plain parts. I do think music can be patched up into some parts of the movie. But, I commend the simplicity of its form. The build-up of the story is quite intense. It perfectly played well the drive coming from the plot and coming from the characters. Direction is amazing because the emotion was conveyed properly. Characters played well, although I think in writer's perspective, some characters can be build up to make them stronger. Akira's character is very strong, intense, and the one that drives the story forward. Yuki has a very important role, she played well too, but I think the depth of her character can still be improved. However, the symbol of innocence carefully tagged to her was amazing. Shigeru was the balance that compliments the turmoil of the story. I do think his character was well-thought of. Kyoko's character on the other hand, was very light so I speak. She's the one that could possibly cannot let go of the image of the mother, that's a great storyline. But her individual journey as a character got stucked up somewhere. I didn't see character development in the end.

I rated it 9 because for some reason, I wasn't really intensely moved by it. I do think, some special element was missing from the story. I think there was no resolution in the character's perspective. By resolution, I do not mean that the mother will come back (that's basically such a lame ending if they did it that way), and also not for an outsider or anybody else discovering and taking care of them (an ending like this will definitely kill the story)... What I mean is, the individual resolution inside Akira's character. Yes, he grew a lot so as his brothers and sisters, but him as a challenger of defeat wasn't. The story ended just as it is. No even resolution for the viewers to make. The actual action of change that is supposed to come out after the death of their sister did not surface that much. The idea was, but the realistic movement of emotion did not. That's why I say, something lacks. But really, i rated it 9 because it's a wonderful movie. Naturally visualized. And the perfect combo of symbols was very clever. KUDOS direct Hirokazu Koreeda! ^_^

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My Name Is Khan review

Posted : 6 years, 9 months ago on 26 September 2011 06:30 (A review of My Name Is Khan)

Not until the moment I have watched this movie, I say, this art piece is an epic! They say every story tells something but this one tells everything. Not only I wanted people to hear what I think about the movie but how I have been moved by this. Every single detail, down from the internalization of the characters up to the intensity of the story ended with a sweet blow of its denouema --- it's purely splendid!It's a kind of treatment that couldn't be repeated. *Bow* to the writer, production manager, director, editor, and everyone who made this movie possible.Whether it is an inspired story or a product of creativity, it's amazing how one can marry multiple subjects leading into one discourse. Who says science, art, and religion cannot be in one perspective? This movie is a cinematic proof that science and religion after all can be drawn in one line. Very amazing piece of art! Everyone should learn to appreciate this because this is certainly a catalyst for Change. Great tool for education. And most of all conversion. I am not talking of a religion in any kind but the conversion of paradigm. More open views for clearer reflective phase. Splendid! Amazing! Extraordinary! Name it, My Name is Khan... I totally Love it! ;D

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Like Stars on Earth review

Posted : 7 years ago on 4 July 2011 12:33 (A review of Like Stars on Earth)

Another brilliant masterpiece of Aamir Khan's movie collections! If his film "The three idiots" inspired all its viewers and became the source of empowerment for those hopeful, this one will really touch our souls! This isn't just a piece that will bring Mr. Khan money. This is an eye-opener for those who are involved in educational system whether in India or elsewhere in this world. This also applies to the parents who are less intuitive and to those who doesn't care at all. On the surface level of this film, one would think that this is like the normal film about no one (which in this case is just a boy) turned into someone with extraordinary talent... True indeed, but the real thing by which lies the real message is the psychological factor that motivates or demotivates a child. Not to mention, here in the film, the child is no ordinary child because he is dyslexic, a neurological disorder. If this situation truly exists,this is really threatening because this can reach a higher level transforming the experience into trauma. Poor thing for the victim of this sickness if this will be tolerated. On the other hand, if we go into the technical details this film also offers a little different perspective of Bollywood. The usual element of wonderful Indian music was there but the concept of a musical theme seems to be missing, except the part in the film where the storyline demands the character to sing and dance. I think, all movie buffs and film critique knows exactly what I mean so I will not explain it further. ;D Thumbs up also to the Production and Line Manager for choosing the right places to shoot.Everything goes to the crew and staff.. Excellente! Fabulously Wonderful! ;D

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Fast Five review

Posted : 7 years, 1 month ago on 26 May 2011 09:19 (A review of Fast Five)

This might be a prequel to the fast and furious 3 and was intended to drive people back...well, they did it right! :D This is an all-NEW FF! All the action was definitely in it, not the mention the power cast! Everyone was great by the way especially the light story of the development of love between characters.. O'Conner to Mia Toretto, Gisele Harabo to Sung Kang (a blissful romance by the way!:D)...and Vin to the girl (policewoman...)...

Dwayne was also an added member of the family which is by the way a good talent! (Who will think he is a wrestler??)...

Plus, the shocking revelation, well, the fascinating revelation would be Eva Mendez's discovery of the 'Toretto's Girl'... I'm definitely a fan of Michelle Rodriguez!!

I am very much excited for the added sequel! ;D

Fast five is not just everything about the car by the way,the drama is there as well. And, it's really funny!! :D I love it!

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Precious review

Posted : 7 years, 1 month ago on 26 May 2011 09:02 (A review of Precious)

Inspiring.Outrageous.A cinematic film that draws a lot of attention. It's a kind of movie wherein the heart and mind collides. There's no need to listen to voices and dialogues because their expression says it all...It was all greatly delivered by a cinematic approach. Thumbs up for Sidibe for a great work!Credit goes to the novel-adaptation and more to the crews! Its definitely a brilliant artwork!

I always believe that films isn't just made to entertain people, rather to influence people. This is such a strong piece of art that takes you to a moral dilemma. Then, later on, third party comes to build the character. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.. JuSt love it!

If you watch it and your tears fall, no harm done... It's right there talking to you straight from the heart.


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Everwood (2002-2006) review

Posted : 7 years, 1 month ago on 26 May 2011 07:41 (A review of Everwood (2002-2006))

Everwood is an intense drama that revolves around the evolution of father-son relationship with of course bits of puzzling roller coaster romantic pleasures. There is only one thing to describe this tv show; "BRILLIANTLY AWESOME!"... Such as a masterpiece by Berlanti and Mimoun! Every journey all year round up to the last season when it ended was totally a Blast! All casts did a great internalization with their characters. Even the character of a supporting child and sister played by Vivien Cardone was a good job.

Treat Williams was definitely great in this show! but Gregory Smith was a revelation in this industry after taking up this mature role which is quite immature in the story...By immature, i mean emotionally and socially, perhaps. Every family could definitely relate with this show. One doesn't have to be fighting with one another or would feel the death of a loved one in order to understand this one great story... Every aspect is intense.

Everwood can make us realize the capacity of Love to grow and move way forward beyond boundaries when it has been crashed all the way. LOVE in any aspect, may it be a father's love, child's love, love of a sibling, companion, friends, and partner.

It's a heartfelt masterpiece... Truly an Artwork!Love it more than I loved Dawson's Creek! ;D This is the best tv drama I have watched and will definitely be watched over again...

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My Sister's Keeper review

Posted : 7 years, 1 month ago on 26 May 2011 06:11 (A review of My Sister's Keeper)

It's one of the films in the genre of drama that totally awes me...Not because of the way it was told and delivered but rather because of the struggles within individual characters.To me, its characters carefully defined the accentuation of other characters. That was the best part I love about the movie...The mind science behind tensions, guilt, flaws, and even supremacy. It's a battle for survival in which you need to feel inferior to claim as being superior and be superior in order to realize that you are more way inferior than the other. What a brilliant play of mind science!Kudos!

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